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January 6th, 2008

11:12 pm - It's You - The Healing of Harms
I know, I never post and here I am with a stupid meme. Sorry!

I did this using a mix of all of my radio stations at pandora.com, so not all of this is even music I'd heard before, but given the random nature of the quiz, I thought it would be ok =)

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June 13th, 2007

09:14 am - Mrow!
Happy birthday, donaithnen !

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April 24th, 2007

09:13 am - Silly Meme (stolen from donaithnen)
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August 9th, 2006

09:11 am - Signs of Life
I was very annoyed about something I came across the other day. At my job, I was submitting a supplier application for my company at a major cosmetic line's website. They have various kinds of minority/women-owned preference programs, and they ask you submit proof of your certification of that status, etc. Pretty normal stuff. However...on the list was gay/lesbian-owned. And it was the only item in the list that started off checked no; all the others were not checked. So the default, I guess, is that companies can be owned by minorities or not, women or not, veterans or not...those you have to go and select the correct choice. But queer people? We'll assume you don't own businesses unless you tell us otherwise. It's possible that this is just an error, but I have to assume that it's not, since all of the other options other than this one start out blank.

All of that rant being said, however, I realized something. I have a new email address, since I finished at Scripps. I also have a cell phone number (a miracle!). And I've moved to Pasadena. If you don't have any of that info about me and want it, let me know. Emailing me at thaisa@livejournal.com will forward to my current email address, as always, or you can comment here. I've been really out of touch and withdrawn into my little World of Wowcraft and work, but that gets boring, and y'all are cool people I don't want to lose touch with. Let me know if you're local and want to have lunch sometime, or go to a movie, or hang out. My default has become to wake up, work (if applicable), play WoW, and sleep, with some eating thrown in as necessary. I need to mix it up a bit.

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April 29th, 2006

08:49 pm
I've purged some people. If you read my journal (umm, ok, so I never post), or you're sad that I defriended you, let me know.

Stressed today. That sucks.

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February 6th, 2006

02:09 pm
I just accepted a job, and I start tomorrow, which makes me happy. Being unemployed was making my skin crawl. Anyway, YAY! (My World of Warcraft character is almost level 60, so I guess I had motivation to start working...just kidding.)
Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Into The Woods - No More

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November 14th, 2005

08:38 pm - Your Law-Baseball Quiz by Robert Cover
This is mostly for alchemi, but other people on my friends list may like baseball and be legal scholars as well, of course. Mainly, Robert Cover is really cool and I like sharing how interesting and original he was. Note that I know nothing about baseball, so I enjoy this quiz on a purely intellectual level, since I have to take his word on the parallels. This was published in 1979 in the New York Times, and is still enjoyable even though it's a bit dated.

Your Law-Baseball Quiz

The names of four major league baseball personalities appear after the name of a Supreme Court Justice. Pick the name of the baseball player who bears the same relationship to baseball as the Justice bears to law.


1. John Marshall

a. Enos Slaughter
b. Babe Ruth
c. Dizzy Dean
d. Cookie Lavagetto

The correct answer is Babe Ruth. Both Marshall and Ruth transformed the games they played. Both became symbols of their institutions, and both are understood to be originators of the professions' modern age. This judgment holds regardless of whether their records are ever broken.


1. Earl Warren

a. Yogi Berra
b. Roberto Clemente
c. Tris Speaker
d. Willie Mays

2. Byron White

a. Tommy Henrich
b. Don Newcombe
c. Jackie Jensen
d. Steve Garvey

3. Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr.

a. Stan Musial
b. Mickey Mantle
c. Ty Cobb
d. Casey Stengel

4. Felix Frankfurter

a. Ted Williams
b. Wayne Terwilliger
c. Bobby Mercer
d. Cleon Jones

5. Robert Jackson

a. Joe DiMaggio
b. Marty Marion
c. Duke Snider
d. Ernie Banks

6. Louis Brandeis

a. Pie Traynor
b. Lou Gehrig
c. Jim Rice
d. Clyde Vollmer

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November 13th, 2005

10:05 pm - Random meme, by relatively popular demand!
Ok, because someone asked me. And because I'm sooo unmotivated! Send those motivation donations, folks. *sigh*
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Current Music: Les Miserables

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September 22nd, 2005

02:19 pm
I never post, and here I am posting randomness.

In the office where I currently work, my boss got a letter-thingie that is basically an educational chain letter thing, although it seems legitimate and even pretty cool. Basically, it asks the receiver to send a postcard from the area he/she lives in, with some information about that area, to a fifth-grade class in Florida, and then forward their letter onto another part of the country/world. (I have no idea if this is a great learning technique, but it seems like it might be pretty fun, nevertheless.) Would any of you nice people out there be interested in having me send you the letter after someone in this office participates? Clearly, more exotic places might take precedent if lots of people respond, but I'd be happy if anyone is willing to do it. (I think there is only supposed to be one copy of the letter going around per child, or else the school could potentially get flooded in postcards.)

Anyway, let me know if you live somewhere interesting and are willing to help some fifth graders in Florida. :)

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September 15th, 2005

02:46 pm
So, I have heard from one of my fans that I don't post enough on this journal. Ok, maybe from my only fan. (Also, a note: I have 'net access at work, but I cannot use chat programs, for fear that I will send out Seekrits to Nasty People or something, I guess. It's not that I don't want to use chat programs at work or that I have YOU blocked or anything. Don't be paranoid.) Here's an updatish thingie.
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I leave those of you who are familiar with Magic and/or have a yen for satire-filled and bitter political commentary with this link:

Questions? Comments? Hot dates to suggest? Let me know. :)

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